Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Eval Q6 Learning on Technologies

For our coursework film opening "Suburban Zombie" our group used a wide range of different technologies:

Facebook and Youtube

Feedback from facebook
We used the social networking site "facebook" to recieve feedback, by embedding things such as our film rough cuts, and rough idents. We found this worked well, as when we embedded items we recieved a fair amount of good feedback.

IMDB and Google

We used Google primarily for online research, such as into the zombie genre, and make-up effect ideas. IMDB was great for finding out details about other zombie films, such as the budget, production company, rating etc. 

USB Sticks

We used USB sticks a lot when editing our film, as they are an easy way to transport files from seperate computers, such as the soundtrack songs "Black Storm" and "L490" from my home computer, to the Apple Macs in school.


We emailed between each other as a group regularly in preparation for the coursework, which proved to be very useful, especially in situations where we were trying to organise what days we would be filming.

Camera, Microphone and I-Movie

For the actual filming of "Suburban Zombie" we used hand-held digital camcorders for the footage, which we then uploaded to I-Movie on the Macs. For recording our podcasts, we used a small condensor microphone before uploading to the Macs for editing in I-Movie, then uploaded them to Vimeo for embedding into our blogs.

Kristal recording software

We used the website "Scribd" for uploading scanned in documents such as the storyboards and call sheets. We then used the embed feature to add them to our blogs.


For recording the soundtrack songs "Black Storm" and "L490" I used the recording software "Kristal" because I had used the software in the past and it worked well for recording all the instruments.


I found the softwares I-Movie and Kristal particularly useful, as without them finishing the coursework couldn't have been possible. Also I was suprised at how youtube and facebook became for feedback, which was a great help when making improvements.

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